NanoDefiner downloads

On this page you can download the latest version of the NanoDefiner e-tool for local deployment, either as a docker image, or as an upgrade package for an existing installation.


Docker provides lightweight virtualization in the form of containers which are derived from images.

The NanoDefiner e-tool is available on DockerHub as nanodefiner/nanodefiner, but it comes without a DBMS. You either have to mount your own configuration and specify an external DBMS server, or run a separate docker container with a DBMS with docker compose as seen in the provided docker-compose.yaml .

Upgrade / standalone package

If you want to upgrade your NanoDefiner e-tool installation or do not want to use the provided docker image, this package contains only the standalone JAR as well as installation / upgrade instructions. It only requires Java 8 and a working DBMS server.

About us & contact

Development team at University of Applied Sciences and Arts Dortmund:

For questions and feedback feel free to use the feedback button on the test service page, the GitHub issue tracker or write us an e-mail.